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Collaborative Annotation

MicroDraw is a web application by NAAT to visualise and annotate collaboratively high resolution histology data. Annotations are vectorial, and you can use boolean operations to combine, subtract and split regions. Point MicroDraw to your own DeepZoom data, or try the sample data below!


MicroDraw can use ontologies such as Neurolex to create community curated atlases, but also to annotate staining artefacts. We are currently hosting DeepZoom versions of several macaque brains from the Allen Institute for Brain Research, a 1 micron resolution section of a human brain from the BigBrain project and a 1 micron resolution section from a vervet monkey.


MicroDraw is based on open source frameworks to ensure its maintainability and extensibility. The interactive multi-resolution visualisation is based on OpenSeadragon. The vectorial annotation is based on Paper. The concurrent versioning is based on Git

MicroDraw is written in JavaScript, using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

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